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For as long as I can remember, I've wanted to be older. As the eldest of 3 girls, I still like saying, I'm the oldest!
While I joke about my "old lady" eyelids and my "old lady" yoga, I believe that with my years has come a bit of wisdom. I do associate growing older with growing wiser. Perhaps that is why I look forward to it.
However, being an "old lady" is not without its surprises. We expect bifocals or reading glasses, wrinkles, and gray hair, but we don't anticipate thinning eyebrows, brain fog, or the failing metabolism - not in the way it actually happens... slowly... almost imperceptibly, it sneaks up on you. If you aren't careful, you might find yourself looking back from the mirror as a "future self" that is, quite frankly, a disaster. I was completely blindsided. For about 7 years I spiraled totally out of control.
Fat, depressed, and too tired to care, I still wanted to be older. Somehow, I thought that getting older was the answer. That the wisdom I needed was around the corner - I'd be smarter and I'd figure it out.
As I looked around, I noticed that some of my friends appeared to move seamlessly from one season to the next. Some ladies were more like me - sluggish, plump, frumpy and not happy about it. What is the secret? How do you find this stuff? Why doesn't anyone warn you? We learn all about 'becoming a woman' when we are little girls, but then we are left to wander around in the dark to make our way through 'maturity' as if it's all so 'natural'. Some ladies really do age gracefully as a matter of course. For me, it's a struggle. I have to work at keeping it all together.
The last few years have been a grande experiment and study in becoming an 'old lady'. I won't say that I've figured it all out, but I am no longer depressed, fat or tired. I'm always looking for ways to age gracefully and I hope to share my discoveries with you here. I love getting older, and I think you can, also.
Armed with well over 10 years experience at being 40 - I invite you to join me. Let's figure it out together!